Gregory Porter

June 28, 2017
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Gregory Porter

I always enjoy the music of Gregory Porter. It seems to have a sound and style totally unique to him and never fails to brings peace to any day.

Gregory Porter (born November 4, 1971) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor.

He won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2014 for Liquid Spirit and in 2017 for Take Me to the Alley.

At age 21, Porter lost his mother to cancer, but only after she entreated him from her death bed to “Sing, baby, sing!”

On 26 June 2016 Porter performed on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival 2016. Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Neil McCormick said, “The portly middle-aged jazzer may be the oddest pop star on the planet but he is a refreshing testament to the notion that the most important organ for musical appreciation should always be our ears. And Porter has one of the most easy-on-the-ear voices in popular music, a creamy baritone that flows thick and smooth across a rich gateaux of juicy melody. It’s a voice that makes you want to lick your lips and dive right in.”

In September 2016 Porter performed at BBC Radio 2’s Live in Hyde Park from Hyde Park, London. He would go on to perform in the annual BBC Children in Need show in November, a night dedicated to Sir Terry Wogan who hosted it in previous years and was a fan of Porter.

In January 2017 he performed the song “Holding On” on BBC Two’s The Graham Norton Show

I’ve seen him live many tmes and highly recommend the experience to anyone.

Gregory Porter